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We power up local enthusiasts and employees in favor to aid long-term health and wellness benefits.


What we’re all about

We’re all about nurturing local communities and corporate cultures that are looking to balance out their lifestyle, create new routines, enhance their exercise regimen, and get involved with healthier options that make their journey in life and work much easier.


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How many days per week can you really commit? Your workout frequency will ultimately depend on your current fitness level, the time you realistically have available, and your goals.

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he easier it is for you to maintain a conversation; breezing through a workout, this means your workout is more on the lighter side of the scale.

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Another important factor is the time you spend exercising. There is no one set rule for how long you should exercise, but keep in mind that it has an inverse relationship with intensity during exercise.

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What do you want to gain from your efforts? Choose the type of exercise that best fits your fitness level , mood, and goal. Either you are looking to improve your cardiovascular fitness, lose weight, or to improve muscular strength.


What you can do with us

As we all struggle with figuring out what works best for us, there are many choices we make during the day that determine our well-being. We want to touch upon not only fitness, but also the way our modern lifestyles have been shaping our daily decision making and eventually our overall health and productivity.  Creating a safe, effective routine that you can actually stick to takes skill and strategy, but we are here to support you on your journey.

Our goal is to create behavioral changes that aim for long-term results, while focusing on the ways you can live better and more focused on refining your mental and physical challenges. 

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Corporate Wellness

We help companies in Lebanon customize a wellness program that is tailor made in favor of their employees with lifestyle related workshops, classes, outdoor activities, and more that benefit both the business and its employees.

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Pop-up Classes

Localfitt was the first to encourage communities in Beirut to workout any-time and anywhere. By signing up to these classes, you will enjoy classes lead by our hand-picked instructors, meeting like-minded people, a spacious location and more.

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Custom Programs

Weather you are looking to improve your well-being or get started on a new journey towards a better lifestyle, we help you get connected with our community instructors and health professionals.


We work with

Our team has been working with the best local community shapers out there