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We strongly believe in the power of fitness and how leading a healthy life can effect your whole perspective about the world around you, and this is why we care so much about collaborating with the best local superheroes out there to build a bigger community that can support the efforts of smaller individual efforts.

We provide direct support and consultancy, team-building activities, wellness retreats, workshops, community pop-up classes, and support programs of all sizes to organizations, companies, universities, international agencies and all those who believe in the power of health.

We’re happy to discuss ways to collaborate, share ideas, to help support you and the people you care about.

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About Us

We live in a society where keeping track of our well-being might be challenging, specially in Beirut where daily traffic, the morning mouth-watering mankoushe, daily lunch plans with colleagues, holiday dinner parties with the family are never-ending. It gets even harder when you grow up knowing that Lebanese food is healthy, a 30-minute daily average of steps or a walk up the stairs are a great way to exercise.

Our parents never taught us that exercise is a crucial habit we need to attain, instead we learn that the best way to beat stress is to have loud music, arak and a number of relatives and friends in your house.

Fitness & health are very recent subjects that started to be touched upon in the past few years, and today we see many trends in Lebanon that are taking over through marketing dilemmas and attraction phrases, some making you think that their product is healthy when actually it is not.

We now are here to play a hard role in the community, and even though we believe that it will take a lot of time to reengage people into a lifestyle that could eventually considered helpful to their overall wellness.

We will keep on working on different projects that can raise awareness, increase the number of physical activity within the middle east, and recreate the borders within this industry.