Stop Your Regular Warm-Up and Cool-Down.


Before or After Workout? How Long? Why?

All you need to know about the effective use of stretching throughout your workout routine.

To make your workout ultimately more efficient and safe, one of the most important techniques used to reap out the benefits of your routine is to integrate stretching before and after any fitness exercise.

Before you start stretching, have a full scan of your body to observe which parts are most tight to target them with stretching, after you complete your scan, try to control the muscle that is being stretched, don't forget to breath, maintain a good posture, and try not to hold an intense stretch for for more than 15 seconds to help your muscles keep gaining enough oxygen helping them gain enough strength and flexibility.

Warm-up with dynamic stretching to increase mobility and end your workout with a clean static stretching routine to increase flexibility.

Prior to your workout, you may have to complete at least 5 min or 8 sets of as many of the below dynamic stretches.

Here are 10 Dynamic Stretches you can do before you start.

1. Inchworm (Abdominal Muscles, Biceps, Forearms, and Shoulders)

2. Air Squats (Glutes, Hip Flexers, Hamstrings, and Quadriceps)

3. Plyo Lunges (Quads, Calves, Glutes, and Hamstrings.

4. Jumping Jacks (Full Body)

5. Bear Craw Walkout (Core, Shoulders, Chest, Glutes, and Legs)

6. Cat to Cow (Hips, Back, Abdomen, and Chest)

7. Walking Plank (Core, including upper and lower body muscle groups)

8. Wall Side Stretch (Chest and Shoulders)

9. Foam Roll Exercises to activate your soft tissues

10. Active Stretching with Light Weights


Stretching with weights is a great way to open up the muscles that you will be targeting during your workout, as it is used to feel a deep stretch at each muscle group used while holding the bottom position of each rep.

Depending on your workout, choose the best Dynamic Stretches that best give your body the warm-up it needs.

Why Dynamic stretching is so important?

- It activates muscles you will use during your workout.

- Improves range of motion.

- Improve body awareness

- Challenges your balance and coordination

Here are 10 Static Stretches you can do either after each workout or by the end of it.

1. Child's Pose (Lower Back)

2. Chest Expansion (Chest)

3. Cross Body Arm Stretch (Shoulders, Forearm)

4. Heel Press (Calves)

5. Knee to Chest (Glutes)

6. Lateral Lunge (Hips, Thighs)

7. Lyin Figure Four (seated or Lying)

8. Side Bend (Abdominal)

9. Squad with Rotation (Abdominal, Legs, Lower Back)

10. Tricep Stretch (Triceps)

If you have time, it would be a great idea to attend two to three Yoga classes during the week to gain maximum results.

Static stretched after your workout help with the growth potential of your muscle fibers providing enough room to expand and grow bigger, as your connective tissues are already stretched from the blood volume in the muscle.