Our mission is to deliver an entire experience, not only a simple workout.

Thanks to Lebanese Explorers, AK Yoga Studio and Fitnomzz by Train with Jad Last Sunday's event gave us the opportunity to: learn how to breathe and meet new people while hiking, practice yoga and improve strength and flexibility, listen and reconnect with mother nature away from the city noise, and enjoy some great bites and boost our energy into achieving our destination.

On the long run, such beautiful experiences are proven to reduce stress, to lower feelings of anxiety & depression, to boost self-esteem and to improve sleeping patterns. And within your workplace, this can be simply translated as feeling happier, healthier and motivated.

Our job is not to take you on a bus trip, but to help you reap the benefits of your long-term journey.

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Event Details

Let’s focus more on the experience rather than the destination…

Join our localfitt popup event to explore exclusive destinations in Lebanon with a twist.

We’ll enjoy a beautiful 3-4 Hours (Moderate) hike with an expert guide from Lebanese Explorers while diving into natures mysteries, Practice a yoga routine with one of our favorite instructors Aurélie Karam with a beautiful view, Listen to the sounds of nature, Learn about new hiking skills, and Taste some healthy Fitnomzz prepared right from Jad’s kitchen.



Date: Sunday 23 June
Meeting at:
AK Yoga Studio @ 11:00 am
ABC Dbayeh @ 11:30 am
Starbucks Zalka @ 11:45 am

NB: Punctuality is a must


What to bring:

- Light Energy Boosting Snacks or small sandwiches if needed
- Water (1.5 L)
- Comfortable Shoes (hiking)
- A light cloth to use during your yoga practice (Optional)
- Warm Clothes (Bring extra if needed)
- Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat/cap



45,000 LBP
Pay on arrival


Minimum: 15
Maximum: 30


Yoga Class Details:

You have a office job, sitting for long hours, or you’re a runner or cyclist, try this class is made for you! 

You will gain complete access to your strength by opening up your body through passive stretch (yin) and active and dynamic stretch (mobility).

These exercises are different from your stretching routine and will help your joints move throughout their full range of motion.