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RORU Concept is an Istanbul designed brand brought straight forward to the Lebanese yoga community.

RORU means rolling in Japanese and mentions everything rolling in the universe. It has four main collections of mats for different needs including microfiber, jute, sun series, and pro top layers.

Microfiber tops their designed based on the Moon calendar and all patterns are unique. The microfiber top layer also provides a towel effect.

Jute top layer mats are designed for travel and studio both. Sun series mats are designed for all skin types and provide a perfect non-slip layer. Pro mats are designed for studios and beginner yogis.

It should be noted that their Mats are Eco-friendly made and from recycled natural rubber. They care about their environment.

RORU Concept has also mat bags for studio and vocation. The mats consist of 100% cotton, jute, and faux leather materials all from the hands of authentic İstanbul. As for the bags, there are two different designs:

One with zipper and an organizer for those who like to have all their stuff in one bag.

Another with yoga and Pilates socks collections, yogis can find all their needs in one true brand.

RORU Concept will change your workout experience and provide you with a comfortable space.

Their Yoga Mats are professional and compete with any of the very well-known yoga mats available in the market by quality and durability. They offer the practitioners from all levels a different practice exercise and stability.

They have the best anti-slip top layers in all their six categories, they are the only cork mats provider in the region and the only brand providing professional yoga mats for kids use made from microfiber, anti-allergic & recycled natural rubber lower layer.